TO ORDER: The D4 Alpine Double (75" x 42.5") portaledge is  produced by Runout Customs, in Fruita Colorado.  You can order the D4 Alpine Double Portaledge here:

Runout Customs D4 Alpine Double Portaledge

D4 Alpine Double Portaledge

The expedition proven A5 Alpine Double portaledge was the first truly stormproof  portaledge, designed and built by A5 Adventures from 1987-1999. John Middendorf and Xaver Bongard used this size for their historic ascent of Great Trango Tower. In 2005, in consultation with John, Luke Malatesta  of Runout customs re-created this design, adding own features and craft to the project, and has been making the proven A5 light and compact design ever since. Again, John and Luke have collaborated, and we are proud to offer the D4 Alpine Double, with the D4 curved tube corners, super rigid and light hybrid-diameter D4 frame, and D4’s new patent pending “D4 Bullet Joiners”, which make assembly of the ledge “smooth as butter”.  2019 models will have more D4 features--integrated haulsack and zippered fly!