The D4 Full-Size Portaledge is the new paradigm in stormproof, compact, light, and easy-to-deploy portaledges systems.

Thirty years after first re-inventing the portaledge with the A5 design in 1987, in 2017,  John Middendorf  produced the first expedition D4 portaledge for Marek Raganowicz, who then used it for an extreme expedition in Baffin Island where he lived in it for 30 nights on two new  big wall routes. Since then, the D4 has gotten incredible acclaim, proven with over 1000 nights on the vertical, and widely acknowledged as one of the biggest innovations in big wall gear since the first A5 stormproof portaledge.

TO ORDER: The D4 full-size (82" x 47.5") portaledge is  produced by Durango Sewing Solutions, in Durango Colorado.  You can order the D4 full-size Portaledge here:

Key information on the development of the D4 portaledge and the collaborative design process fostered by many top climbers :

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